Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Logan Speak

The sketch for this layout comes from Page Maps. Becky does an amazing job of not only creating a great sketch but also adding in so many details that the only thing you have to think about is what to plug in where (note her staples, strips of PP, and stitching drawn on the sketch; yeah, I pretty much copied the exact placement of all those!).
Luckily, I had tucked a scrap of paper with a photo of Logan on which I had written a few of his pronounciations. As much as I thought I would remember every moment of their babyhood, I'm glad my realistic side knew to write things down so that it could be turned into scrapbook pages.


  1. Oh this is precious, as well as the previous LO you posted! I love when babies first start to talk, it's so sweet!

    I like the page maps site and the book as well (purchased it awhile ago). So helpful!!! I especially like the little cards that come with the book so when you go to a crop, you have plenty of sketches to "deal" out. ;)

    Thanks so much for sharing! I hope your Thanksgiving is a blessed one!

    Lisa Sturgill

  2. Wonderful theme and a precious precious page michelle!


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