Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Cards {22, 23, 24}

I am still here, I am still making cards, I am still catching up, and I am still behind. Wish I could offer some excuses: too much turkey, busy watching the Macy's Parade, taking photos for our holiday card, recovering from too much turkey, shopping, going to pilates in an attempt to undue the effects of too much turkey, surfing the net for the best shopping deals, researching mini video cameras {settled on one and it's on its way as an early Christmas gift--yippee!}, decorating the house for the holidays, catching up on sleep, reading this book, trying to eat all the boys' Halloween candy before Christmas. Yeah I wish I had a better excuse for you, but there really isn't one to explain how I got so darn behind in this project. Well, here's what I can share so far:

Day 22

Day 23:

Day 24:


  1. Well no excuses needed here!!! Your cards are so adorable!!! Thank you for sharing your inspiration & talent!

    Lisa Sturgill

    psssst...I haven't even started on my Christmas cards yet..I am bound and determined to do so today! Wish me luck! :)

  2. another great production michelle!
    Thanks for sharing ;-)

  3. Ahhhhhhh....... Time Traveler's Wife is one of my most favorite reads in the whole wide world, perfectly understandable how it could sidetrack your creative intents.


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