Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holiday Card {catch-up, again!} 12 through 15

And just like that, this girl is caught up again. But, hmm, there would be no need to ever catch-up, if one never fell behind (but really, what would be the fun in that?!). Anyway, here are the past three days worth of cards, plus one for today.

Day 12:
I'm starting to wonder if my sewing machine
misses sewing through fabric. . .
Day 13:
I upcycled a card from a few years back
to create the white squares in this window card.
I couldn't get a good pic of this one. The white is
embossed with "let it snow" and the snowflake is actually foiled.
Day 14:
Keeping it simple here: a few strips of paper,
some coordinating punched solid, and a touch of bling.
Day 15:
Inspired by this sketch (it's a loose interpretation as I borrowed
only half, but hey you take the mojo where you can get it!)

Whew! It feels really good to be caught up. I'm sure I'll get behind again before this month is over, so I can feel this good again!


  1. these are beautiful. I love sewing on paper! The colors are so delightful!

  2. Beautiful cards - wow! I especially love the first one, the tree that is created with rectangles, so creative!

  3. You're doing so well! Waouh!!
    Love the window idea ;-) and all the dry-embossing: Yummy!!

  4. love the window card, and upcycling is always fabulous. I may need to see that one in person:)

  5. I really love that first card! I love trees in different shapes and the sewing on them is such a good idea!


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