Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Cards Day 19

Day 19:
Quite possibly the simplest card ever: watercolor splotches of red swirled with watercolor crayons, and a simple stamped sentiment. Doesn't really get any easier than this.
Inspired by the end papers in a children's book we picked up from the library yesterday:


  1. simply...fantastic! To me the sentiment really comes through with the simple design. I like knowing what inspired you!

  2. It's beautiful...really so classy! Wow! I can't believe it's so simple...thank you for sharing and I think it's fantastic the way it was inspired. Beauty in simplicity!

  3. Very elegant!!! Love it!

    Also love the "December Daily Progress," it's so cool!

    thanks for sharing!

    Lisa Sturgill

  4. One of my favorites! There is much brewing in that creative mind of is funny how pink or purple polka dots can scream Christmas;0)

  5. I really like this one, as well as the gingerbread man with the bite...

  6. how very creative of you and that pink looks great!

  7. Oh my goodness, I love your stuff!

    Thanks for visiting The One-Minute Writer. :) I was intrigued by your screenname and had to pop by! I'm glad I did!

    -C. Beth
    The One-Minute Writer


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