Monday, November 30, 2009

I did it! {Cards 28, 29, 30}

Day 28:

New theme, same design as this card
Day 29:

Color scheme inspired by adorable decos at Target.

Day 30:

Whew! Well, there they are. 30 Cards in 30 Days. When I began this project, it was just a fun little way to pass the time of November (to get to December, of course!), and because I like to fall flat on my face with these kind of commitment-laden, daily obligation type of challenges. It was also with the hope that I would find the perfect card to duplicate as my own Holiday Card for '09. Well, I didn't fall on my face (though I had to play catch up. a lot.), and our perfect holiday card is not in this mix. I will be sending each one of these cards out this year, along with a few others I have come up with (I'll share those later this week).
Now for December: I'll be sharing the progress of my December Daily (though it probably won't be daily). Happy December!


  1. Great photo of all your cards!!! Gorgeous job on all of them!!!

    Thanks again for all the inspiration and ideas you have shared these past weeks!!!

    Lisa Sturgill

  2. you made it!!! i adore each and every one of your cards!!! Yay!

  3. YES!! Bravo my friend! They're all great!
    I'm so happy to be doing the D.D project side by side with friends like you!

  4. Congrats! I shall be looking for one of these in my mailbox:)


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