Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I was looking through some photos of the boys as babies last night, and got a little weepy and nostalgic.  As hard as those baby days were, and as happy as I am that we are through that stage in our lives, somehow makes me feel so sad that they are over.  It's another one of those crazy things about life: when you're in it, you sometimes wonder if and how you'll survive. And then when you make it through, a piece of you wishes it wasn't over (kind of like college, come to think of it!).

Journaling reads:  My heart feels heavy when I look at this photo, aching for the soft, sweet baby-ness. People say to cherish these baby days, even though they are some of the most difficult days of your life. But I don’t think I cherished them enough. I tried to hold onto the moments: the softness of baby hair against my cheek, the snuggly warmth of a tiny body against my chest, the sweet warm breath against my neck, but they still slipped by me. Do I recall the very last time a baby fell asleep in my arms? The very last time I nursed? The very last diaper I ever changed? No, I don’t. And that reality makes me hurt, the deep kind of hurt that seizes my chest and makes me weep. I’ll never get these days back, these sweet, soft baby days.

All products My Little Shoebox, except BG paper (DCWV), clock (Heidi Swapp), rick-rack (Wrights) & lace trim (unknown).


  1. bit of a heart breaker, but oh so very true. I need the reminder that we can use an old photo and new sentiments

  2. Oh, tears!! I don't even have babies and I can empathize with the sensation you are describing. On a lighter note, you have a lovely layout in your photos. :)

  3. oh my gosh. I adore this layout and I can totally relate! I have five boys and i miss those baby days everytime I see a little one when we are out some place!


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