Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Furry Crochet Owl

I found this blog the other night while searching for crochet patterns on Ravelry.  She has this fabulous technique of brushing the crochet to make it furry.  Do check out her adorable creations--the squirrel and pomeranian are two of my faves.  Anyway, I used her quickie owl pattern and tried the technique out.  So much fun!  First, the owl crocheted up in a flash.  I used a chunky weight wool-blend yarn and a large hook.  I didn't have exactly the right dog brush that she uses, but my cat brush did a decent job.   
I love the way the furry bits make great ear tufts!  Ahhh, just another one of the great possibilities for crochet!

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  1. WOW!!!! I totally adore this! I have never even thought to give this a try! She's brilliant and that little owl is just about the cutest thing ever!!!!!!


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