Monday, February 3, 2014

mood blanket monday: week 5

Good Morning!
January has whipped right on by us.  Can't really say I'm sad to see it go--I'm already itching for some warm spring weather.

My crochet mood blanket is coming along.

31 days of crochet squares complete!

Created in Collect App
Here's the week in review, crochet mood blanket style:
Feeling rested and restored: painted my nails and worked on creative projects.

Just one of those days where I felt comfortable: in my clothes, in my skin, in my head.

Spent my day off getting things done in this house: cleaning out closets, organizing and purging.

More organizing, this time in the stUdio.

 Feeling relaxed, calm and carefree.

Started the day of uptight and stressed at home, but spending a day in a kindergarten turned that right around.

A day marked with lots of yelling, stress and anger.  Not my best Mom day.  Pre-teens are difficult.

Good bye January, and hello to February.  Hoping it looks up from here!

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