Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day Three: Goodbye

I was able to scrape this layout together with just minutes to spare on Day Three. It's not a visually interesting layout, it's not filled with the latest products or trendy color schemes, but some layouts are just like that (especially those you pull together in just about 15 minutes!) What makes this page so special, and the whole reason I wanted to do it, is the journaling. It reads:

"In all the craziness of building a new home and packing up an old one, I neglected to think about saying goodbye to 44 Clews Street. After the boxes were packed and loaded into the truck, Perry & I had a few moments to stand in the empty stillness of our first home. I thought of all the memories made here: our wedding night, bringing home 2 new babies, countless days spent in the yard, and numerous nights hanging out on the couch. The tears streamed down my face as we embraced for the last time in our first home before closing the door forever."

I will never forget that night we said goodbye to our first home, and now that I've done this layout, I can guarantee that.

Sometimes the best pages are not the fanciest, but they're the best because of the story they tell.

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