Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day Six: Life Moves Way Too Fast

For Day 6, a bit pressed for time, a bit wanting to use my new digital kit, I created a digital layout. I'm still not sure how I feel about digital scrapbooking. I can remember my excitement at completing my very first scrapbook page. I thought I was hooked: there was no messing up (just a lot of "undo" key controls), it was so easy to switch out papers and try new colors, there was no arranging and rearranging un-glued elements, heck, there wasn't even any glue. And best of all, my stUdio didn't look like a paper bomb exploded when I was done. But it didn't feel all that right brained to me. I didn't have that sense of accomplishment that comes with creating a page. I didn't feel as though I had been creative. Part of that maybe my need to engage my left-brain when using Photoshop Elements because I'm still analyzing how to use this program. Whatever the reason, I still feel that doing a digital page helps me spread my wings as a scrapbooker, and I still get a page for my scrapbooks:

This page uses only content from Song Bird Avenue's Bloom and Grow kit with collaboration from Ali Edwards. At only $8, this kit is a steal.

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