Tuesday, September 10, 2013

why hello there!

Oh my poor little dusty and neglected blog.  
I lay in bed last night with a deep desire to get on here.  So I grabbed this

to do notebook
and made a list.
Good things come from lists, don't they?

It's been way too long.  Where to even begin?

Summer was good to us.
It was short and long at the same time.
It was relaxed (a little bit too much if you look at the lack of posts around here!).
It was at times, dare I say, boring.
We didn't do a whole lot, and the boys had more than their fair share of:
video games (oh and ice cream!)
But now fall is in the air.  
The leaves are just beginning to show hints of earthy tones. 
Nights are cool, and mornings are chilly enough for sweatshirts.
School buses are running, and I'm looking forward to returning to the classroom part-time as a kindergarten aide.  
So, so excited!  
I'll be working just three days a week, and I couldn't be looking forward to this new schedule more. 
Hello two whole days off--I think I love you!
One day for errands and house work.
And one day for creative bliss (and blogging, I hope!)
I can't wait!

So I dedicated today to project photography, editing, and drafting posts (in between loads of laundry).  I probably got a little overzealous, seeing as the boys will start coming home in about 2 hours and this is my first post.  

But here's a little peek of what's to come this week:
dipping the pen (and other art journaling endeavors)

crochet pincushion

trudging through Project Life
summer embroidery
 All this blogging stuff is more fun when you have a furry little helper {who just wants to lay all over your projects when you're trying to photograph them} to keep you company.

It feels so good to be back!

ps.  The day I found out I got my job in the school, I also received this little bit of news:

So thrilled! 
Can't wait to share more when they reveal their new website.  
You can check out more about Accucut here, and also take a visit to some of the very talented girls I'll be working with here.


  1. Wowee! Great news all around! Congrats!!

  2. Sooo great to see you back on your blog ! and what great news ! Congrats for this DT ! I am very happy for you !!


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