Wednesday, September 25, 2013

embroidered crochet cozy

Happy Fall!
I'm so ready for fall--ready for chilly mornings, sun-shine warming my face, blue jeans and sweaters, apple crisp and the gorgeous colors of autumn.

And after all those things, my favorite thing about fall?  Starbucks Pumkin Spice Lattes!  Oh, sweet Heaven in a cup.

Sweet Mollie at Wild Olive shared a free embroidery pattern for a cutie little PSL.  I thought it would  be just perfect on a crocheted coffee cozy:

So I stitched one up last week. But then I met up with my sister and she was drinking her Pumpkin iced coffee from that "other" coffee shop {blehhhh!}.  I gave her the cozy so her little hand wouldn't freeze off.  And besides, if she insists on drinking that substandard coffee, the least she can have is a cute cozy around her cup. (Love you, Sister, even if your choice in coffee is yucky!)

So this week, I stitched and hooked a cozy of my very own.  And of course, once I was finished, I had to treat myself to a Starbucks PSL.

ps.  I have been working on lots of projects for the new design team I am on.  It is killing me not to be able to share them here, but as soon as I can, I will.

Hope you are all enjoying your fall so far!

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