Wednesday, September 11, 2013

a crochet pincushion

I have a sweet little crochet project to share with you today:

The photo-tutorial pattern is available from Sandra over at Cherry Heart
There's also a Ravelry download here.

The pattern is based on an African Flower Hexagon that I am all too familiar with from this work-in-progress:

The blanket was apparently too much for me to take on, but a pincushion?  A pincushion I can handle.

It worked up so quickly, I made two.  In one day.  
Seriously, I know.

The first one I made on the right followed the pattern as Sandra wrote it.

When I was working on the second one, I had a brainstorm of an idea to make a second hexagon so the bottom of the cushion could be as pretty as the top.  The above left shows that bottom.

 Then I followed Sandra's pattern for the sides and before decreasing, attached the bottom hex working the front loops only (at least that's how I remember it).  I'll be working on another one soon, so I'll pay better attention and let you know if that's not right.

These will be perfect little gifts for my sewing friends.

What crochet projects are you working on lately? 
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