Monday, June 11, 2012

A summer treat

What says summer better than ICE CREAM!?!  Okay, maybe lots of things, like trips to the beach, splashing in the pool, flip flops and running through the sprinkler.  But I can't give anyone those things (unless I know their she size).  So we're going with ice cream:

I whipped these up for the admins at the the boys' schools.  They do so much to keep our schools running smoothly.

I found the cute little containers at the craft store and they even came with little wooden stick spoons, perfect for hanging a pennant that reads, "Hope your summer is a treat!"

I ran some crepe paper through the sewing machine to create a ruffle and hot glued that to the cup rim. Then used tissue paper stuffed with fiber fill for the scoop of ice cream.  

I cut a slit in the tissue before stuffing, and reinforced it with a little card stock to slip the Dairy Queen gift card into.

Just a little something to say how much we appreciate what they do for our schools every day.


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