Thursday, June 14, 2012

Paper Bag Card: the tutorial

I have the best kids in the world.  This morning they have worked in their summer journals, played hockey in the basement, listened to music on their iPods, and read their books so I could edit these pics and post this tutorial.  

Of course, I did bribe them with some M&M pancakes.

These cards came out so cute, I made a few different styles.

For the teachers:
teacher printable found at eighteen25

For the bus drivers:
summer printable found at eighteen25

For my Dad:
father's day printable found at a profitable life

I am so grateful to the amazing designers who create fabulous graphics and share them for free on their blogs!  The links to all the inserts are in the captions above.

And here's the really simple how to
click on the photo to view it larger
A couple of notes:
*I like to cut the top liner paper (polka-dotted one in the card above) longer and tuck the excess into the front pocket to cover up all the messiness in the paper bag.
*I use a circle punch to cut a little notch for the card insert to slip in and out (forgot to show that in the tute).
*On some, I used washi tape to create the band around the card.

If you give this style card a try, I would love to see your creation!

Thanks for looking, and I'm off for some outdoor fun with the boys!


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