Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Memory Box

It's teacher gift time around here.  I've been busy making some gifts to show our appreciation for the fabulous job our teachers do of helping (and dealing with!) our boys everyday.  No gift ever seems big enough to say "Thank You" to a teacher, does it?

Maddox's kindergarten teacher has adorable twin girls.  I can only imagine all the cuteness that happens in their household on a daily basis!  So I created a Memory Box for them to record little memories, little pieces of this and that to help capture their stories.

I started with a pretty box from the craft store.

Then designed a journaling card in Photoshop and came up with 10 little thought starters.

I printed out 20 of each design onto 5x8 unruled index cards, trimmed them down to fit the box, and rounded the corners.

That gives them 200 stories, conversations, sayings, moments and memories.

I typed up a little "instruction" card that reads:

The moments of childhood are so fleeting.  Laughter-filled days of dress-up and fingerpaints, pigtails and dollies--they will be over long before you ever want them to.

The cards within this box will help you record these special moments--the moments you love, the times you want to remember always.  On the lines you can capture your stories, note the conversations, document the cute things they say and do.  All the little details you never want to forget will be safely tucked away within this box.  Keep a small stack of cards in various rooms in your home, in your purse, in the car so you won’t miss a single beautiful moment in your daughters’ lives.  Enjoy them now, and then re-live them again when you read through the cards in years to come.

Each section of cards is divided by a slightly larger card with the date section omitted.
Everything is tucked into the box and ready to give.

I hope that she likes it.  I wish I had one of these when the boys were small.  I always thought I would never forget the way they pronounced words, the silly things they said, or the little details of our days together.  But memory has a way of betraying us, and we can only hold onto so much in our chock-full heads.

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  1. it's beautiful, i'm making something like that for a dear friend of mine, and i was wondering if by any chance you could send me the little cards, i so love the idea


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