Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 10: Yo-Yo Tree

I have a good friend who celebrates her birthday on December 26th.  When I told my son her birthday his reply was, "Really? She must get tons of presents. {pause for thinking} Wow, she's practically Jesus!"  Kids are so funny!  
This year I made her one of these:

I first discovered a handy dandy yo-yo maker tool in November at a scrapbooking crop.  One of the girls there was whipping up yo-yo's like nobody's business.  I was intrigued and inspired and went right out to purchase one of these little tools for myself.
purchase here
There are so many things you can do with these cute little yo-yo's.

Like this gorgeous yo-yo blanket

Or this fun yo-yo garland
Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

Or this beautiful yo-yo embellished pillow
Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

And even this cute little yo-yo bracelet

I opted for a bunch of green yo-yo's fastened to a styrofoam tree form with pearl-tipped pins.

For the base, I wrapped a wooden dowel in brown gingham ribbon, used an empty thread spool covered in ribbon, and attached that to an empty ribbon spool covered in patterned paper.  This second spool also serves to hold a little sentiment for my friend.

Yo-yo's made with the Clover template come together very quickly, but the template is not necessary.  Heather Bailey has a fabulous photo tutorial here.

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  1. Jesus could not have been any happier with his birthday presents than I was with mine this year. What a beautiful gift:)


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