Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Planner

I have a thing for calendars, planners, and all things office-y organizer-ish.  I remember when I was little, my mom would give me her old office datebook and I would fill in the little squares with notes of my busy childhood schedule.  When my friend went off to private school, I drooled over her assignment plan book with a column for each day of the week and a box for every subject's assignments.  When I began teaching, I created my own lesson plan book complete with color coding for each developmental area.

Now I'm not in school, I don't teach, and I don't have business meetings to schedule.  But my love for planners has not wavered.

Meet Planner twenty-12:
Blue Sky Weekly-Monthly Planner featuring egg press artwork
 We only met yesterday, but I am madly in love.

 The pretty floral design, the tabbed dividers

This little baby is my new BFF.  My take everywhere, use every day, to-do list keeper, memory jotter, goal reminder, health tracker, task manager, inspiration book.

I began my book with some resolutions/goal setting.  2012 is my year for creativity, health, completion, simplifying, and family, so I came up with some goals/reminders for each of those areas:

Each section of this planner begins with the month.  Here's where I can jot a little daily note/feeling/memory of the day.  The notes column is perfect for monthly goals like my completion goal (an unfinished project that I would like to finish that month), to keep a tally of the scrapbook pages I complete, to note the book I am reading, and to track my progress for Christmas Cards completed.

Then each week is laid out in a double page spread with plenty of room to keep track of appointments, to-do's, tasks, and even space for some doodles and sketches.  I will track my water intake, my daily exercise, my POTD, daily house cleaning chore, and daily note of gratitude.

I'm excited to see how this book fills up through 2012.  It will be a fun recording of our year to look back on.

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