Friday, January 13, 2012

12 on the 12th in twenty12: January

Ella Publishing has issued a little challenge that you might have heard about {but in case you haven't, click here}

I'm all over it (well it's a new year filled with possibilities, right?).  12 photos once a month for 12 months--I can manage that.

Here are today's (taken with Instagram and put into these cute little collages with the PicFrame (formerly Photo Frame) app

 1) it snowed!  the view of our backyard
2) Maddox making a snowman
3) my first vanilla cafe au lait made at home with new milk steamer/frother
4) Logan enjoying an after school snack of hot chocolate made with steamer

5) chili for dinner
6) cafe mocha from Panera during book club
7) sign at Panera: Make Today Better; Take a Risk
8) book club location for this month

9) at a stop light on the way home
10) catching the end of the B's on the couch with Perry
11) a day is not complete without a check on Pinterest
12) time for bed

It was fun documenting the day.
Things I noticed: the tail end of my day is more picture heavy as I realized I was running out of time to take photos--8 of my pics were taken after 6 pm and only 1 was taken between 9 and 3.  Food is a big part of our day: 4 food related pics--3 of them hot beverages--we love our hot drinks!  You really can capture memories with whatever camera you have on you at the moment.

Looking forward to next month.


  1. Love the snapshot into your day! Isn't instagram an awesome app for a project like this! Thanks for playing along with Ella's Take 12 project!

  2. Nice photos! I am also using Instagram for this project and I like how you looked back at your photo pattern.

  3. jealous of your instagram photos - i think that i've gotta give in to my iphone cravings! and please tell me about your milk steamer/frother - I've been pondering one!

  4. @Katrina I am loving the steamer/frother so far. It makes a delish hot cocoa and fab lattes. Easy to clean, easy to use, steamy frothy milk (or flavored creamers!) in less than 3 minutes. The online reviews were not stellar, but I am crossing my fingers it doesn't break!

  5. I love how you documented your day! Your story about the genesis of the name for your business is awesome!

  6. I like how you have taken snaps that all come together to form your day. I am going to remember that for next month. Thanks!


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