Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pinspire Me Monday

I am smitten with

In the few months since I began using it, Pinterest has changed the way I surf the internet. When I have a specific project idea in mind, I search for it on Pinterest: the content is always more applicable and current than regular search engines.  Pinterest has become my recipe box, my source of inspiration for cards and scrapbook pages, my place to stash house projects, color schemes, holiday ideas.  I no longer bookmark sites I love or projects I want to make; I simply “pin it”.

And now with nearly 1300 pins and counting, I always have inspiration at my fingertips.

So I had a brainstorm of an idea recently.  There are others like me who love Pinterest, other crafty people who pin ideas to their boards, and then use those pins to inspire projects of their own.  Why not have a link-up of projects inspired by Pinterest?  


 Here's how it'll work:  Each Monday I will share a Pinspired project that I have created.  You will have the entire month to link up your Pinspired project over in the sidebar--->
Your project can be anything that you have pinned to your own boards: a recipe, a scrapbook page, a home decor object, a holiday project, anything.  Oh, and if you haven't yet joined in on Pinterest, send me an email, and I will send you an invite.

There may even be some fun giveaways {nudge, nudge}. 

I hope you will join me.  I can't wait to see your Pinspired projects!
And don't forget to grab the button so readers of your blog can play along with us, too! 

ps.  I am working on the post for my first Pinspire Me Monday project, so it will be up next Monday (the Monday holiday totally threw me this week!).  No need to wait for me, though; feel free to start linking!

{Note: a huge thank you to Danielle Thompson of Kitschy Digitals for letting me use her adorable vintage stick pin frame to create the button for this.}


  1. Love this idea! I do exactly the same thing. The pertinence saves me so much time and frustration!

    Domestic, But Not Martha

  2. I love this idea, unfortunately, I have no idea how exactly to get the most from Pinterest. I rarely visit the site. Any tips for me?? :-)


  3. I do have some tips for you, Carla! To start, click on the "everything" button to see lots of recent pins on all kinds of topics. Have something specific in mind? Refine your search by clicking on one of the topics. Or type in your own interests in the search box. If you have a favorite crafter, type their name in the search box, hit enter then click on "people" in the bar below to see if they are on Pinterest. Start following boards of people who have similar interests/styles to you. Then get pinning! Also, be sure to add the Pin It button to your browser's toolbar so you can pin content you find while browsing the web. Go here to download it: http://pinterest.com/about/goodies/

    Hope this helps! Happy pinning!

  4. Over the last few weeks (since discovering Pinterest) I too have become so "pinspired!" I am LOVING all of the creativity that I find, and also loving how motivated I am to begin new projects on my own. I'll be checking back here to see what others are posting, and maybe even post one or two myself! Thanks for starting this up Michelle! You are definitely pinspiring!


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