Monday, October 31, 2011

Pinspire Me Monday: Christmas card album

Happy Monday, and to those of you celebrating, Happy Halloween!
It looks more like Christmas around here than Halloween, though.
Yesterday we woke up to this:

And then the sun warmed things up to reveal the colors of fall against the pure white snow:
It was really quite beautiful.  But the storm knocked out our power for about 7 hours.

So on with this week's Pinspire Me Monday. 
 I just finished my project (when will I learn to not be such a procrastinator?).

I love finding new ways to use/save our holiday cards:
  • using card fronts as gift tags or accents on scrapbook pages
  • turning artwork into new cards
  • slipping them into photo sleeves 
I loved the idea of binding them all into a book--the boys love to look through the photos throughout the season, and even the year.

So here's my Pinspired Project:

 Although I loved the ease of simply punching holes in the cards and sticking rings on them, I somehow feel the need to take a simple project and put a complicated spin on it.

So here's my process:
  1. Match up cards according to size
  2. Glue card pairs together along one side (the side opposite the one the binding will go into)
  3. Cut strips of cardstock wide enough to fit the binding (I used 1 1/2" for the Bind it All)
  4. Cut the strips to the same length as each card pair
  5. Glue between card layers
  6. Punch holes for binding and bind together (I created a front and back cover from chipboard)

I love how the cards still open to reveal the greetings inside.

What's Pinspiring you lately?  Please share it in the side bar!

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