Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Countdown to Halloween

Somewhere along the way I had come across a cute little advent calendar made out socks.  
I tucked it away into the crafty-project-ideas file in my brain (the one that seems to be expanding and pushing out the fifth-grade-math file so that I can no longer help my oldest son with his homework--I digress).  
Well, the other day, as I was making the rounds in my local Target, I came across a bunch of cute baby socks in the dollar bin.  

{light bulb!}

How about a Countdown to Halloween calendar?

This project couldn't have been any easier.  Let's walk through it:

ONE: cover spring-style clothes pins with Halloween themed paper

TWO: print numbers 1-13 on cardstock, and use various sized circle punches and stamps to create layered accents; glue these to the socks (i just used my white papercrafting glue)
font=Nasty found here or download and print my number sheet here

THREE: find a stick that is long enough and thin enough for the clips and clip the socks on

Four: hot glue some ribbon bows to the stick and hang

Easy, right?!  Now all that's left is to fill the socks with treats or notes for your little ones beginning on the 19th of October.

Have fun!

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  1. Cute, I should make myself one so I don't want to eat all the chocolate at once!

  2. Ha! This may be the perfect solution to that!


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