Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Square-a-Day: eLeVeN

I met my Aunt for tea/coffee this morning and we went through some of her old crochet patterns.  She gave me a bunch, and I am hoping to be able to incorporate some of the granny patterns into my blanket.  There's even a triangle pattern that would work perfectly as a bunting.  Fun stuff!

Today's square from Melissa's CAL:
Flowery Square by Adaiha {pattern here}
 If it's flowery, it's for me!  I had attempted these layered flowers before and haven't had the greatest success.  It must have been the way Adaiha wrote her directions, or her technique of attaching a chain to the back stitches of the previous flower, but it clicked for me.  I'm not saying I did it correctly (honestly I think my two larger flowers are facing the wrong way), but it worked! 

And I finally caught onto photographing  my square from the side to show the texture (hey it's only day 11!):
 Isn't that Bee-you-Tee-ful?!


  1. Oh my gosh! It is beautiful! :) I may be a bit partial though. I think the outer two layers of petals are indeed backwards, but I think the back of crochet stitches can be prettier than the front.

  2. Love the three dimensional look.

  3. Love the three diminutional look of this one

  4. What cool blanket squares!! I want to learn how to do that!
    And your workspace! Wow!!
    So glad I stumbled upon your blog!

    -- Lisa


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