Monday, May 16, 2011

Square-a-Day: 12, thirteen, 4-teen, 15

Still at it!  More than halfway through a Square-a-Day for May and I am still hanging in there.  Yippee!

I thought Day 12 was going to do me in.  I had a really hard time following this pattern, lots of tearing out, re-doing, and tearing out again.  I was trying to follow two sets of written instructions, and now am just wondering if I would have been better off following the author's diagrams.  I've never crocheted from a diagram, but for this one I bet I should have. 

Grandma's Heart by Carola Wijma {pattern here}
Just now as I look at my photo, I see that I did the picot round in the completely wrong place.  Uggh!  I really loved the look Carola's block and was so disappointed in my feeble crochet skills when I couldn't replicate it.  I am not giving up on this one!

Day 13 brought some relief.  This square was quick and easy and I love the solid look the double crochets create (not to mention how fast those guys stitch up!).

Flower Square by Fiona Kelly {pattern here}

This block is much more lacy--I love all the variety in the squares Melissa chose.
Violet Block by Jacqui Goulbourn {pattern here}

I think this next one is one of my favorites.  I will be making this one again and using Melinda's full 12" pattern.  Because I am re-sizing my blocks to 7", I missed out on getting the rounds of v's in my block.  And I think the center of this one makes great flowers/doilies, too.
More V's Please by Melinda Miller {pattern here}

Day 16 is nearly finished, just need to add a round of white sc's.  

Thanks for checking out my squares!

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