Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Square-a-Day: 3 & 4

As I type this, my first four grannies are blocking (first time I've ever blocked anything--I am learning an enormous amount on this project), and I am in the last round of Granny # 5.  Woohoo!

One thing I want to mention about my squares: sizeMelissa chose squares that would measure 12", and since I had already crocheted a bunch of squares at a 7" size, I am altering the patterns slightly so that my squares will come out to 7".  It really hasn't been an issue at all so far. Since grannies are worked in rounds, in most cases I am simply omitting some of the last rounds of the pattern, or leaving out a couple of rounds and finishing with the pattern's last round (to add a nice finished edge).  So far so good.

Here are days 3 & 4:
Maggie's Square by The Crochet Dude {pattern here}

Blooming Granny by Melinda Miller {pattern here}
Just looking at these pre-blocked photos I can tell the blocking is going to make a huge difference.


  1. I have loved every blooming granny square so far. Your colors are great.

  2. Those soft pastels really do appeal to me.


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