Monday, July 12, 2010

Wish my Mojo was Mojo-ing

Was given the precious gift of time today.  Too bad my mojo didn't get the memo.  I sat down in my stUdio with the possibility of greatness spread out before me and went totally blank.  My supplies were all wrong, my photos were no good, nothing was coming together.  Sometimes it's like that.  But I pressed on, I forced it a bit.  Sometimes you have to.  And here are the 2 measly little LO's I came up with:

I used papers from Fancy Pants and Foof-a-La.  I copied the star motif in the paper and doodled my own in the upper left.  Filled them in with a touch of paint.  I just love that little photo of Perry tying Logan's tie on the morning of his first communion.

And this one is for Teresa's challenge to use your stash.  I've been holding onto the DCWV cardstock for about a year.  I bought it because it screamed my oldest son.  It's his styling exactly, and he plays guitar.  Looking through my photos, I realized I had this one filled with his little 9 year old 'tude and style.  A perfect match for the paper!

Hopefully my mojo moseys on back here soon.  I've got lots of creating to get to this week!

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