Saturday, July 10, 2010


Here are the projects I shared on last night's webcast.  I had a bunch of fun designing these, and presenting on the show.

These are the ones I created using artwork from Somewhere In Time Collage:

a simple feather for his cap and one of my favorite quotes completes this artiste
a bit of fussy cutting and a whimsical flower wand
I simply added a touch of glitter and a handful of beads to these vintage Valentine's from SWITC to create the perfect accents for this heritage LO of my grandparents' wedding day.

And here are the ones I did tutorials for on the show.   The show is linked above, and I've included time markers for the show under each card in case you are in a rush to get right to the creative nitty gritty!

I used an emboss acrylic paint resist to create the flower on this.
 The background here was created with a wash of watercolor sprinkled with course salt.
 This last one is embellished with an image transferred with packing tape.
 So check out the recorded show.  It's good for a laugh when I try to explain the chemical reaction of paint and salt!  Thanks so much for looking (and watching!)

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