Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Creative Refueling

Sometimes you need a little blog surfing to refuel the creative juices.  That's just how I felt tonight.  Too tired to create, too drained to think.  There's a fine line to walk when refueling because it can easily cross over into feelings of creative inadequacy.  It's a chance I take.

Here's what I came across during tonight's journey:   
Please note: none of these creations is my own; credit is given in each photo's caption.

Want to try this with some fabric:
Love the cardboard and beautiful mess on this one:
Mirjam @ Sweet and Colorful
Just a few elements come together to make a great LO
thinking cutting letters from book print, thinking tone on tone texture, thinking negative space from punch, thinking stretching an element by cutting it in two parts
The super sweet and sassy Sasha Farina
Want to use a whole alpha like this:
another Sasha
Need to play with some tape
Liz Tamanaha @ Paislee Press

Paislee Press is a sure hit for a dozen pieces of inspo on any given day.  Here's another:
Love the monochromatic patchwork circle
Paislee Press
And another:
Want to play with a sketched timeline and punched circle relief
Paislee Press
I'm feeling better already.  I follow some pretty fab blogs if I do say so myself.   I have them all linked up on my other blog, and am in the very slooooowww process of  adding them to a page here as well.


  1. Very inspiring...especially if you have some new finds from a local antique show:)

  2. You did some awesome surfing! I'm feeling inspired myself!

  3. hey that's cool to see my page on your blog!!! thanks:)
    your scrapwork is gorgeous and i love the atc's you made!!! great idea the altered frosting container!!! i want to try that too:)


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