Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blog Hop Project:: Box Drawer Mini Album

So glad you have stopped by for the Scrapbook Heaven "Dads and Grads" Blog Hop & Crop. If you have no idea what I am talking about, check out the details here!

I am so excited to share with you this little project I made for my dad, so let's get started.

1.  This entire project (minus the embellies) is made from a single sheet of double sided paper (12x12).  Cut your paper as follows:

2.  Score the 4 5/8" piece on all sides at 7/8".  Cut on the solid lines shown to create flaps.  Fold sides to create a box and adhere the flaps to the inside.  This is the drawer for your album. 

 3. Take the 3" wide strip and score at 3", 4", 7", 8", and 11".  Trim a thin sliver off the end near the 11" score (I shaded it in the photo).  This will help your box be more flush in the next step.

4.  Put adhesive where shown above and glue the backside of the thin flap to the space between the 3" and 4" scores to create the box.

5.  Now for the mini album:  Take the 2 3/4" strip and score every 2 3/4" to create the accordion pages.

6.  Do the same with the shorter 2 3/4" strip:

7.  Now you will glue these two strips together to form a long accordion.  Apply a thin line of glue as shown in photo #5.  Using a ruler, position the two short boxes on each strip to overlap so that they measure 2 3/4".

That's it. A box and mini album from a single sheet of paper!  Have fun embellishing your project.  I added "feet" to my box and a "drawer pull" to the drawer with large brads and pony beads.

I embellished the top of the box with some glittery Prima flowers, some spiral rosebuds, and some buttons and rhinestones ('cause which dad doesn't love him some rhinestones!).

 The title of my mini is We Love You for Your and each page features a single word to finish the sentence.

Front Pages
Back Pages
 Here's the inside of the top flap.  Whoops!  Nothing in here yet.  
I'll put the Happy Father's Day greeting here.

You can just as easily turn this little project into a gift for a grad.  Change up the paper, and make a mini the s/he could then fill with photos from the big day, or ditch the MINI for some MONEY.  Fold it up and tuck it right into the little drawer.  And how about decorating the box top to look like a mortar board with a little tassel in the school colors fastened to the center of the flap with a brad.

Now it’s your turn! Create a project using this tutorial and upload it to the Scrapbook Heaven Gallery or post a link to it in the comments at the Scrapbook Heaven Blog (under June 12th's post) by June 19th. Feel free to post a link to your project in the comments section here as well.  One lucky random winner will be selected to receive a prize provided by the awesome folks at Scrapbook Heaven.

Be sure to return to the Scrapbook Heaven Blog tomorrow to see what your next stop is.


  1. I love this! Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

  2. wow, this is so cool! thanks so much for sharing!

  3. VERY cool!! Can't believe that it all comes from one sheet of paper!

  4. OH this is so clever. I can't wait to give it a try. TFS

  5. Wow - how amazing! Need to try this!

  6. That is so adorable!!! What a neat way to use a sheet of paper!! So creative!!

  7. Oh My Michelle...I think I need to try this. What a fantastic project.


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