Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A few more flower projects

The Flower Power Crop is still going strong at Scrapbook Heaven, and projects are pouring into the gallery daily.  Go check them out!

Here are a few more I wrapped up last night:

Paper: DCWV and My Mind's Eye; buttons: unknown,  letter stickers: AC Thickers; stamp: Autumn Leaves
This page uses  Scrapbook Heaven's Friday sketch.  The button flowers are from this tutorial for the Flower Power Crop.  With the sketch and the button flowers I had already made, this page literally took 15 minutes from start to finish.  Another one of those no-time-to-scrapbook busters!
These little earrings had me so excited while I was making them last night (and I don't even wear earrings!).  They go together in a flash (less than 10 minutes each).  And all you need is some colored wire (you'll see the color in the center of the flower), some seed beads in the color(s) of your choice, and some earring fixtures.  You can read through the tutorial linked above, but I will throw in some of my own tips.
  1. cut about a 1 foot length of wire
  2. thread 1" of beads onto the wire leaving an inch or 2 of wire at the end
  3. curve the wire into a petal shape keeping the beads taught, give a twist
  4. thread another 1" of beads onto the wire and curve into a petal
  5. wrap the long length of wire around the base of the petal
  6. continue threading the beads and wrapping the wire until you have 4 petals
  7. on the fifth petal, thread just under a 1/2" of beads
  8. slip on earring hook
  9. thread rest of beads until you have 1" in total
  10. form into petal and wrap wire
  11. wrap short end of wire between petals to form a nice center (use the leftover length as well)
  12. twist to finish in back and trim excess.
  13. repeat for other earring
I'm thinking these would make adorable slides for a chain or leather cord necklace, too.

The last project for today is this cute little drawer box. I am hoping to do a quick tutorial to share with you tomorrow.

box open

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