Monday, February 1, 2010

Online Tutorials

Since it's February, the month of LOVE, I'm sharing what really makes my heart happy (besides my son just handing me half of his KitKat bar!). I am totally smitten with crochet. One month ago I was cursing the craft, but now thanks to some time with my aunt, a kids crochet book, and many, many viewings of Mandy's video at Little Birdie Secrets, I think I have it down (well, at least enough to fashion a decent looking flower and even a heart).

And then in a bit of blog catch-up this morning I finally got over to crafty chickie Lolly Chops to catch her fantabulous video on these little paper flowers. Do check it out, and scroll down a bit in her bog to see her absolutely AMAZING mini album cover.

Some close ups:

paper flower from Lolly's video made with a paper bag printed with vintage newspaper

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