Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Very First Amigurumi

Meet Dogbot, crusader for all things crafty and creative. She's fearless in the face of projects gone awry (there seems to be a lot of those around here these days!) and poo-poo's the site of blood from a finger pricked by a sewing needle (again, lots of that). Dogbot won't balk (or bark) when glue oozes from your projects, or your stitching looks like it's failing the sobriety test. And with those big 'ol ears, she's always there to listen to your crafting woes, even when they contain some less-than-suitable-words uttered under your breath.

This was a blast to put together. I am totally *hooked* on crochet (Dogbot came up with that little pun!). This pattern came from the adorable book Crobots by Nellie Pailloux.

I'm setting straight to work this weekend on a little friend for Dogbot. Don't want her to be lonely!


  1. Dogbot is styling...I may need a tutorial:)

  2. I am seriously in love with Dogbot (don't tell my puppies or they might get jealous).

    Sooo fabulous! I so want to give one of these a try... I can even crochet... it's the whole "reading the pattern" part that does me in!

    Oh the cuteness kills me!!!!!!!


  3. Oh I love DOGBOT!!!!
    That's another love we share then ;-)

    Hugs ~


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