Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quick Gifts

I am such a last minute person--it's one of my greatest flaws. It's not so much that I procrastinate, it's more that things have a way of sneaking up on me: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, end of the school year. Two of my boys only have three weeks left of school and my youngest's last day of "school" (a once a week program that ran in 3-8 week sessions since September) was yesterday. I wanted to get his two teachers just a little something to tell them how much Maddox loved being with them each week, and how grateful I was to have an hour and a half to myself (maybe I should have given them something much nicer!!). After a trip to Target and landing in the candy aisle (how does that always happen!?), I picked up these two jars of trail mix. With a quick little wrap of patterned paper, a few stamps, flowers, and a pass through the Big Shot, I easily transformed them a bit.

A gift and thank you note all in one:

The lid of the jar:

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