Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sketch Book

I hit Target today to see what kind of post-Valentine deals I could snag (I have a thing for hitting the 50% off sales that always follow holidays). I was hoping they would still have some of the vinyl placemats (that I had already picked up for full-price) on sale so I would not feel so guilty when I hacked them to bits. Lucky me found them barely out of sight on a top shelf. Brought them home and set the boys up with something to do and set to work creating this:

I thought I would be able to cut through the vinyl with my rotary cutter and quilting mat--not so much. So I had to resort to marking a line with a pen and cutting by hand--yikes! I cleaned up the edges a bit with my Purple Cow trimmer (oh how I love that trimmer). I alternated the inside pages between a heavy-weight watercolor paper (so I can use inks, pens, and paints) and graph paper which I love for drafting sketches so you can draw to scale. A quick punch with the Bind-it-All, and poof, a handmade journal that's durable enough to be tossed into a bag and carted everywhere inspiration may strike. Oh yeah, the front and back covers are made with the placemat, in case that wasn't clear.


  1. unreal banana peel! too cool you are!!!

  2. Too funny you are!! I'm glad you like it, now I just need to find some time to put it to good use!


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