Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fat Free Cupcakes

This little confection was so much fun to make and looks good enough to eat.

Here are the specs--

The Stuff: two patterned papers, paper crimper, styrofoam ball (mine is 2 1/2"), three circle punches: 1 3/8", 1 1/4", 1", glue gun

The How:
  1. Cut a strip of patterned paper 1 1/4" x 9" and run through crimper to form cupcake wrapper.
  2. Use glue gun to fix this to the bottom third of the 2 1/2" ball.
  3. Punch circles in three different sizes: start with largest circle on the bottom and glue gun the top of each circle to the styrofoam ball slightly overlapping the side edges as you go (gluing just the top allows the rest of the circle to flair out for dimension).
  4. For the next layer, use the middle-sized circle. For the top layers use the small circle.
  5. Top with a pompom cherry if desired.
You could whip a batch of these up faster than the real deal. Try using different sized styrofoam balls being careful to adjust your strip and circle sizes to keep the proportions. Wouldn't these be cute on a tiered centerpiece? Or as placecards at a Valentine soiree? Try cooking some up next time you're feeling crafty.

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