Friday, December 16, 2011

More Elf Mischief

This month is whipping right by.  I think I am finally at a place where I can let out a little sigh of relief.

The cards are mailed

Many of the handmade gifts are finished:

The stores have been shopped, and the presents we have are even wrapped (amazing for me as I'm usually a Christmas-Eve-at-10:30 wrapper).

The chaos seems to be winding down and the lists are more check marks than not.

So here's what our mischievous Wilfred has been up to lately:

Sipping juice in the fridge.  The boys thought he might be cold so they gave him a blanket:

Caught with the Expo marker after doodling on the boys photos:

Climbing up the tree to get his hat back from the Angel:

Playing DS:

Getting a shoulder ride from Santa:

Hanging from the Christmas card garland:

Fresh from the shower:
He's a silly one, that Wilfred!

I know I haven't posted all that much this month, but the stUdio has been more like Santa's workshop lately and it would be like peeking at the presents if I posted what I've been working on.  I think I'm going to put together a 12 days of Christmas to kick off on the 26th so I can share the projects with you.  
Please stay tuned.

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  1. Love your sick sense of your Christmas elf! He makes me smile!


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