Friday, January 30, 2015

crochet : button flowers

The other day a friend tagged me in a Facebook post featuring these gorgeous crochet button flowers:
image credit: Craft and Fun
I was immediately inspired and got out my smallest crochet hook (a US size B), some thread, and the only button I could find that the B hook could fit through.

Using the pictures as a guide, I gave it a go.  (Of course, now as I write this blog post, I find the link to Craft and Fun via Pinterest and there are directions in English at the bottom of the post linked in the caption above).

Insert hook into button hole and pull up a loop, chain 5.  SC into next button hole, ch 5.  Repeat around ending with a single crochet into first button hole, ch5, slst into 1st ch of beginning ch5.  Slst into first ch5 space, ch, sc, hdc, 3dc, hdc, sc.  Continue making petals around in each ch5 space, ending with a slst into.  Fasten off and weave in ends. Join accent color into any stitch and alternate 1sc 2 sc around, working 1sc in between button hole threads.

Optional: photograph your new cute flower and create a springtime scene for it in Studio :) 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

what's on your hook? wednesday

We survived the Blizzard of 2015.  No downed trees, no power loss.  Just lots and lots and lots of snow.

We're on Snow Day Number 2.  The boys are loving all the extra screen time, and I'm loving all the crochet and reading time.  Which brings me to this week's

I'm working on a pair of fingerless mitts using some self-striping yarn and a (US) D hook. 
 The pattern is from Red Heart and can be found here.

 What's on your hook this week?

Monday, January 26, 2015

granny blanket : weeks 4 & 5

Here in the Northeast, we are bracing ourselves for a blizzard.  A scattering of snowflakes are dancing around in the frigid air right now, but in a few hours it's forecasted to be a storm of "historical epic proportions," wind gusts to 75 mph and 2 feet of snow. 
So before we lose power, I wanted to share this week's and last week's squares with you.  And now I am caught up and will be sharing the current week's square each Monday.

WEEK FOUR || Flower Burst
by Chris Simon

This was a quick and easy one to hook up.  Here are my color changes:
Rnds 1-3: yellow
Rnds 4-6: pink
Rnds 7-9: green
Rnds 10--11: blue
repeat Rnd 10: green

WEEK FIVE || Frostbloom
by Shan Sevcik
This was a fun one, and perfect for this week of snow we're getting around here.  I love the simple snowflake in the center of the flower. And the ruffly round of single crochets remind me of a fancy cupcake.

My color changes:
Rnds 1-3: white
Rnds 4-7: pink
Rnds 8-10: green
Rnds 11-12: blue
Rnds 13-14: yellow
Rnd 15: grey
Round 16 (ruffle): pink

If you're expecting snow, stay warm and safe!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

crochet : ripple star blanket

It's been a while since I've posted a What's on Your Hook Wednesday.

This little project has been in the works since the end of October.  I started it during a four hour family car trip to Jay Peak, VT for a hockey tournament.  What else are you going to do on a long car ride?

The pattern is called Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket and was created by the lovely Celeste Young.  You can download it for free on Ravelry here.

I first discovered the pattern on Sarah of 322 Yards Of Yarn's Instagram feed.  I used her gorgeous color choices to inspire mine.
 The yarn is Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn in Pumpkin, Grass, Aqua, Navy and Mustard.  I am using a size 7 hook (4.5mm).

Since these photos were taken in November, I have also added a round of Rouge.  I'm thinking the next round may be a shade of deep purple or maybe a green.  We'll see....

Happy crocheting!

Monday, January 19, 2015

granny blanket : weeks 2 & 3

WEEK TWO || Crown Jewels
by Melinda Miller
This block was a bit of a challenge, but definitely worth it.  I love the dimension of the popcorn stitches and the frame of double treble clusters.  It took me a couple of tries to get the popcorn rounds to come out to the correct stitch number.  Then I realized I was doing the popcorns wrong and had an extra stitch on many of them.  Make sure you yarn over and draw through both the loop and chain on the hook, then go right into yarning over the hook to make the dc's in the next stitch.  On round 8 (the  dtr frame round), follow Melinda's directions carefully.  It took a bit of careful reading, but once I could follow the flow of the pattern, it went quickly and the results are beautiful.

WEEK 3 || Creeping Trebles
by Amelia Beebe
 This was a nice easy block with a fun stitch used to create texture on the surface of the square.  

 For those of you that are hooking along with us, the pattern for this week's square is Flower Burst by Chris Simon.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 year long crochet project

I'm so excited to share my 2015 crochet project with you!

Last year, I began the tradition (can you call it a tradition after just one year?) of having a crochet project that lasts through the year.  It was the Crochet Mood Blanket, and if I'm to be completely honest, it only lasted ½ of the year.  I got bored with it.  The same little square hooked in a different color every stinkin' day.  And when it had lost its "mood meaning" I knew it was time to call it quits.  I have a pretty little throw for the end of our bed, and I'm ok with the fact that it is ½ the size I had intended it to be.

This year, I knew I wanted to do something a little different.  I still wanted to stick with a blanket project, but I needed variety.  And I needed it to be a bit more flexible than being locked into every single solitary day.

This year I will be hooking up a 12 inch square each week for 50 weeks.  The last two weeks of the year will be spent joining and crocheting the border.  I've already favorited and tagged more squares than I'll need on my Ravelry account.  I've even convinced a friend to join me!

WEEK ONE || More V's Please
by Melinda Miller
Yarn: Loops and Threads Impeccable in Arbor Rose, Grass, Aqua, Butterscotch and Silver Grey.
Hook: H 5mm
I'm not completely positive yet how I'll be joining my blocks, but just thinking out loud here, maybe I'll do a final round of single crochet on each and join them in white using the flat zipper join.

 Week 2 is still in the works, but here's a little sneak peek:

Watch this space for progress on my blanket throughout the year.

How about you?  Got any year-long crochet projects in the works for 2015?  Want to join me and crochet a square a week?  I'll be posting links to the square I hook each week, and sharing progress on Instagram with the hashtag #12inchgrannyblanket.  If you crochet, I'd love to have you hook along!

Happy Crocheting in 2015!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

crochet : hexie sachet

Happy New Year!  
It has been ages since I have posted on this little blog.
I won't bore you with the details of all that has been going on in my little world (hockey, holidays, returning to teaching full time for the first time in 14 years).  Umm, yeah it's been a bit crazy, and blogging was, sadly, the last thing on my mind.  

But I have soaked up these days of vacation, have welcomed in the new year with all it's possibilities, hopes and dreams, and am ready to sit down this morning to share a little project with you.  

A Crochet Hexie Sachet

I wrote up the pattern to share with you.
 I used a grey tone linen fabric to sew a little hexie pillow and added some dried lavender to the fluff.
I wish the internet had "scratch and sniff" capabilities--it smells heavenly.

Then the motif is hand-stitched to the cushion.

Easy and beautiful!

Lacey Hexagon Motif

Hook size: E
Yarn: DK

Round 1: Ch2, 6 sc into 2nd ch from hook.  Join with sl st and fasten off.

Round 2: Join new color into any sc, ch3, 2dc cluster, ch5, 3dc cluster in each sc around for 6 3dc cluster petals, sl st into top of first ch3 and fasten off.

Round 3: Join new color at top of any cluster, ch3, [2dc, ch2, 2dc in ch5 space; 1dc in top of next cluster] repeat around, ending with sl st in ftop of 1st ch3 and fasten off.

Round 4: Join new color in corner space, ch3, 1dc, ch2, 2dc in same space, 3dc in next ch space.  Work [2dc ch2 2dc] in each corner chain space and 3dc in other spaces around.  Sl st into top of ch3 and fasten off.

Round 5: Join new color in corner space, ch1, sc ch1 sc in same corner, sc in each stitch across and work 1sc ch1 1sc in corner, continue around joining with sl st into first sc and fasten off.

Happy crocheting!