Thursday, July 3, 2014

app spotlight : studio

I have a new favorite App to share with you.
Studio Design by Overlay Studio, Inc.
It's a social media app for photos (much like Instagram), with the added bonus of graphic design.  You can create an original "mix" using their ENORMOUS library of trendy design elements.  There's hundreds and hundreds of graphics, shapes, frames, words--all available for free.  It has an incredibly easy user interface (I'm geeking out here!) where you create your design in layers, making it easy to edit, arrange, and delete as you work.

Here are some of my designs #madewithstudio:

I love using it to create little inspiring pieces of quote art:

Not feeling creative, Studio has you covered.  Simply hit the "Remix" button on any other user's design and fill in the background with your photo:

You can use the hundreds of elements included in the app to design your own little unique pieces of art:

Or create tools to document your life

Others invite you to remix their designs and share a piece of yourself

Mostly I love this app to design and document our memories

Currently it's available on the App Store and Google Play.  And it's free!