Thursday, June 18, 2015

crochet coffee cozy

Hey there!
Wow, two posts in one week--it must be the beginning of summer vacation.  I'm still in work and productivity mode, not quite fully transitioned over to long, lazy sun-filled summer.  So I better take advantage of that and share what I made for a bunch of teachers, staff and bus drivers to thank them for a fabulous year.

 These hook up surprisingly fast using this pattern.  
 Once I started making them,
 I couldn't stop,
 which was good because
 I needed a lot of them.
 There are so many people to thank
 at the end of the school year:
 bus drivers.
I created a little packaging for them with a coffee cup cut file and my Silhouette, slipped in a Starbucks gift card and they were good to go.

I used lots of different motifs to adorn the cozies (because. well. variety.).
Below are links to as many as I could find online:

(followed diagram)

Monday, June 15, 2015

granny blanket : veronica's rose

Good Monday Morning!
I am swimming in a sea of crochet projects that I'll be able to share with you in the coming days of summer vacation (just 2 ½ more days of school--yippee!).  But for today, I have this week's square.

WEEK TWENTY-FIVE || Veronica's Rose
by Melissa Green
This was a quick and easy one to hook up (thank goodness, seeing as I started it last night before dozing off, hook in hand, and then finished it up this morning while the boys were still sleeping.)

Monday, June 8, 2015

granny blanket : sun catcher square

I am so excited to share this week's square with you (and what do you know, I'm even on time!).

WEEK TWENTY-FOUR || Sun Catcher Square
I've decided I am a big fan of surface crochet.  I love the texture it gives and how, especially in this square, it creates an outlined edge for the colors to pop.
This was a super fun one to hook up, but you do need to pay attention to the pattern--some sections are not as predictable as they seem.

Also, hurry and grab this pattern from Julie's Ravelry page (linked above) for free through the rest of this year.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

granny blanket : floral kaleidoscope

Thank goodness for sun rises before 6:00am!  I was able to snap my photos early this morning to get this post up before heading to work.  Here is this week's square (only two days late!).

WEEK TWENTY THREE || Floral Kaleidoscope
by Julie King @ Gleeful Things

This one was pretty no-nonsense.  It hooked up quickly and was a very easy pattern to follow.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

granny blanket : yarn clouds

And so it begins.  I have fallen behind, and instead of having two squares for you today, I only have one.  I'm not going to bore you with excuses (like summer temps came early and how can you not be outside when it is 85 degrees).  But I will have this week's square posted on Thursday.

WEEK TWENTY-TWO || Yarn Clouds
by Amelia Beebe

I love the texture the front post double crochet creates.

Stay tuned for the Week 23 later this week!