Thursday, September 15, 2011

a slew of grannies!

Finally got my crochet act together on this never ending blanket.  When did this endeavor begin?  Umm, May?  Well, actually March or April if you count those first squares I created with no real sense of what I was in for.

I learned a whole bunch from this project. And isn't that why we do this work, to learn something?  First, I learned how to crochet better.  I learned oodles of new stitches.  I learned the difference between front loops and back posts and everything in between.  And, yes, I did get a teense bit faster at crochet.  I learned that as much as I like to pretend I am organized, when it comes to creating I am an organizational nightmare! These squares were scattered throughout every room in our house.  Patterns were folded and crumpled up into more bags than I knew I owned.  It took me days to get everything to the state it is in now so that I can actually write an organized blog post.  So let's get on with it, shall we?!

I'll start with these three that I cannot for the life of me figure out where the patterns came from. 
{hanging my head in shame}

Whew, feels good to get those out of the way!  It only gets better from here, trust me!

The next set of squares come from this very awesome book by Jan Easton.  If you are looking for a variety of beautiful squares all bound up in a book, this is a must have.

Each of the following blocks are numbered with their corresponding number from the book.
block #99
block #94
block #13
block # 18
block #42
block #31
block #88
block #35
block # 16

That block was one of the first ones I made and it's when I learned the power of "blocking."  Here's a great tutorial for spray blocking--the method I used to block my squares.

If you are looking for free patterns of crochet grannies, you must, must join Ravelry (it's free!) and there are hundreds of free patterns for download and printing.

Circled Square by Meg Prescott {pattern here}
Flower Granny by Silja Devine {pattern here}
Dimensional Flower by Rhonda Rowley {pattern here}
My Daisy by Cindi {pattern here}
Multi Stitch Granny by Dayna Audirsch {pattern here}
Star Flower by Rhonda Rowley {pattern here}
Windflower by Beverly Button {pattern here}
So there they all are: 60 granny squares ready to join.  Uggh, mean I'm not done? I still have to join all these together?  Yikes!

I am kind of looking forward to this part of the process.  Well, maybe not the joining part, but the laying it all out and then actually having a useful, purposeful blanket to cozy under this winter.


  1. Hi Michelle! what a lovely blog and amazing crochet. You have got another follower! Very interesting the story of how you have choosed the name of your blog....
    Hugs from Mimma (italy)

  2. Saw one of your granny squares on Pintrest the interlocking rings is there any way you could tell me where it came from ...Karen ^&^


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