Friday, September 10, 2010

Canvas Apron

Altered aprons are all the rage right now, and I've been wanting to make me a little diddy to wear while teaching classes.  I picked up a canvas one at the fabric store for just a few dollars and set right to work on painting it in two of my favorite colors: green and blue with a touch of pink (guess that's really 3 colors).
Then I started crocheting some beautiful flowers from a pattern that a friend shared with me (thanks Jane!), and realized that they would look just perfect on my new apron.

{Here's where I would insert a photo of the flowers I crocheted, if I had taken one!}

And I knew I wanted to add a quote about art, or life, or dreams, or creating, so I spent a bit of time searching for just the right one, and writing a bunch in my quotes journal.
Well, after days of all that (gosh, I'm really good at dragging a poor project on and on), I finally completed my crafty apron last night.

And a close up of the words and flowers:
I attempted to get a picture of myself wearing it in a full length mirror, but those pics came out less than horrid!  I'll try for a self portrait tomorrow when I wear it for a little class promotion at my Michael's store.  More on that later!

And I haven't forgotten about the Tim Holtz flower tute.  I actually recorded a video last week, but it ran over 15 minutes, and I didn't want you all to fall asleep!  Maybe I'll just post it anyway--you can always fast forward to the important parts.


  1. Beautiful!!!! The only problem is that your students may want to learn how to make the apron in class:)

  2. I agree with Kayla! This is going to have to be a class in itself! The flowers and beautiful, and the painting -- the apron as landscape -- geeeeenius!!!


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