Wednesday, September 2, 2015

podcast love : my top 7

This post does not contain any crochet.  What the wha?  Instead, I wanted to share one of the things I like to do while crocheting:

Here's a list of the ones I love.  If you're a podcast listener or want to try some out, I recommend these.

Elise Blaha Cripe of Elise Gets Crafty: Elise hosts a weekly guest interview that discusses the creative entrepreneur and small business ownership.

Jess Lively of The Lively Show: Each week, Jess hosts a guest and focusses on creativity, inspiration, and her tag-line "living with intention"

Jeff Goins of The Portfolio Life: Jeff's podcasts beg you to find your voice.  Many of the episodes focus on writers and writing but they inspire the listener to pursue your dreams and "live your epic life"

Gretchen Rubin of Happier: Gretchen, the author of the bestselling book The Happiness Project, cohosts a podcast with her sister.  Each week they challenge their listeners to "try this at home" and end each of their broadcasts with "gold stars and demerits."  Gretchen and Elizabeth always leave you with something to think about.

Tsh Oxenrider of The Simple Show: This is Tsh's new podcast after several years of broadcasting as The Art of Simple.  The show focusses on simple living and living with your life's purpose.  

This American Life for Serial: Serial's first season debuted last fall, but I am including it in my list because it is crazy good if you like murder mysteries of the real-life variety.  This is a true "who-done-it" that keeps you guessing week after week.  Season two is slated to begin later this year!

Angela Watson of Truth for Teachers: Angela's weekly show (now in it's 2nd season) is filled with great teacher tips and nuggets of inspiration to motivate and help you reflect on your teaching.

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  1. oh I'm going to be adding these to my podcasts list ASAP. I love Serial and I'm looking for more podcasts to listen to.
    Trish - tales from trish


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