Thursday, September 17, 2015

granny blanket : september flower

Good fake Monday morning to you!  I don't know where this week went.  I swear it was just Sunday. No matter, it's already almost the weekend again!

WEEK THIRTY EIGHT || September Flower

I did alter the pattern when the circle became extremely wavy.  I was going to frog the whole thing, but checked with others on Ravelry who had hooked the square.  I followed the recommendation of one crocheter and ended up making the following changes to the pattern beginning with round 8:

Round 8: instead of 4 dc in each middle stitch from round 6, work 3dc (48 dc, 16 ch1 spaces)

Round 9: follow pattern for a total of (64sc)

Round 10: follow pattern tacking with every 4th sc in top of trc petal stitch. (64sc)

Round 11: follow pattern for a total of (64sc)

Round 12: Begin corner to right of any tacking sc on any petal with [{2trc ch1 2trc} in same stitch.  Into each stitch across side, work: trc, dc 2x, hdc 2x, sc 5x, hdc 2x, dc 2x, trc. ] Repeat [ ]around for 3 more sides and corners (76)

Round 13: corner [{2dc ch2 2dc} in corner ch1 space  Into each stitch across side work dc 2x, hdc 4x, sc 7x, hdc 4x, dc 2x.] Repeat [ ] around for 3 more sides and corners (92)

Round 14: follow pattern (104sc)

Round 15: instead of sc, work dc (112dc)

Round 16: follow pattern with sc around (120c)

Round 17: instead of sc, work dc, with {dc, ch2, dc} for corner (124 dc)

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