Thursday, August 20, 2015

quickie crochet hearts

Welcome to post # 2 in my Kid-Free Catch-Up Blog Series!  Gosh, that makes it sound so official, doesn't it?

I have some super cute and super quick crochet hearts to share with you today.
I made these to give as gifts to my students at the end of the school year (yeah, before this summer started--told you I was in catch-up mode!)

I found an adorable and colorful quote on Pinterest

Then it was just a matter of sitting for a couple of hours (listening to podcasts, of course) and hooking up 85 of them.

To make them even easier, I left the tails on (can I get a boo-yah for not having to weave in ends!), tied them in a knot and stapled the hanging part to the top of the printable. 

 After telling the kids how much I love them and how fabulous they are going to rock the second grade, I gave them a tip for those first-day-of-second-grade-in-a-new-school jitters: 
Put this heart in your pocket and remember how much all of your teachers at ___school love you!

The pattern is simple:
In a magic ring, ch3, 5dc, ch1, 1trc, ch1, 5dc, ch3, slip stitch.

That's it!  How easy is that?

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  1. Well, it is soooo cute !! sure your students loved those little hearts ! I love the idea !.


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