Monday, August 17, 2015

granny blanket : heat wave

Good Monday Morning, friends!
Please don't fall off your chair or spill your coffee, but I actually have my square done and ready for posting on time.  
And when I say "done" I mean finished, not correct.  Honestly I don't know what the heck was going on when I was hooking up this square last week.  Maybe it was the fumes of the pool chlorine and sunscreen.  Maybe someone slipped something into my lemon water.  Whatever it was, I messed this square up and didn't notice until I was photographing it this morning.  Take a look:

by April Moreland

 Do you see it?  It's in the yellow round of dc on the left.  What the what?!?  And it threw off the entire rest of my square.  Case in point for counting stitches my friends (I'm so bad about that sometimes!).  Guess I know what I'll be doing while the boys swim today.  
It's still a beautiful square with an easy to follow pattern.

Edited to add: corrected square

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