Monday, January 26, 2015

granny blanket : weeks 4 & 5

Here in the Northeast, we are bracing ourselves for a blizzard.  A scattering of snowflakes are dancing around in the frigid air right now, but in a few hours it's forecasted to be a storm of "historical epic proportions," wind gusts to 75 mph and 2 feet of snow. 
So before we lose power, I wanted to share this week's and last week's squares with you.  And now I am caught up and will be sharing the current week's square each Monday.

WEEK FOUR || Flower Burst
by Chris Simon

This was a quick and easy one to hook up.  Here are my color changes:
Rnds 1-3: yellow
Rnds 4-6: pink
Rnds 7-9: green
Rnds 10--11: blue
repeat Rnd 10: green

WEEK FIVE || Frostbloom
by Shan Sevcik
This was a fun one, and perfect for this week of snow we're getting around here.  I love the simple snowflake in the center of the flower. And the ruffly round of single crochets remind me of a fancy cupcake.

My color changes:
Rnds 1-3: white
Rnds 4-7: pink
Rnds 8-10: green
Rnds 11-12: blue
Rnds 13-14: yellow
Rnd 15: grey
Round 16 (ruffle): pink

If you're expecting snow, stay warm and safe!

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