Monday, January 19, 2015

granny blanket : weeks 2 & 3

WEEK TWO || Crown Jewels
by Melinda Miller
This block was a bit of a challenge, but definitely worth it.  I love the dimension of the popcorn stitches and the frame of double treble clusters.  It took me a couple of tries to get the popcorn rounds to come out to the correct stitch number.  Then I realized I was doing the popcorns wrong and had an extra stitch on many of them.  Make sure you yarn over and draw through both the loop and chain on the hook, then go right into yarning over the hook to make the dc's in the next stitch.  On round 8 (the  dtr frame round), follow Melinda's directions carefully.  It took a bit of careful reading, but once I could follow the flow of the pattern, it went quickly and the results are beautiful.

WEEK 3 || Creeping Trebles
by Amelia Beebe
 This was a nice easy block with a fun stitch used to create texture on the surface of the square.  

 For those of you that are hooking along with us, the pattern for this week's square is Flower Burst by Chris Simon.

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