Wednesday, October 1, 2014

what's on my hook: mandalas ( and other stuff )

These early fall days have been filled with many crochet projects.  
Something about the cooler nights, the crisper air, and the hectic schedule makes me want to get out my hooks and yarn.  Or maybe it's just the hours of waiting in hockey rinks that comes from our jam-packed schedule of games and practices.
this ongoing project
Crochet relaxes me.  It makes me feel creative when there doesn't seem to be time.  It's the perfect take-along craft, and I get the gratification that I am producing something.
Lately I've been waking early to crochet, especially on the days I go into work.  I'm finding it's a happy way to start my day: productive and relaxing.  And if I keep it up I'll have hand-made gifts for giving this holiday season.

Last week I was inspired to do a little decorating in our bedroom.  Maybe it was the change of seasons, or just being plain sick of staring at bare walls.  Some hoops filled with a mix of pattern papers (yes! you can put thin pretty papers in embroidery hoops) and fabrics, layered with some vintage doilies, and finished off with a crocheted mandala made the perfect little cluster to dress up our wall.
You can find the mandala pattern here.  I followed the pattern until Step 8 (round 7), then just kind of made the rest up as I went to fit my hoop (which is 7").
I'm kind of in love with mandalas right now.  You can check out more on my mandala board on Pinterest

C R O C H E T♥ {mandalas}

So what's been on your hook lately?  Share it in the comments; I'd love to see!


  1. Awesome and very very beautiful ideas ! several years ago I've done this, cross stich and I scrapped around it....

  2. this is the link... dated on 2009 !! wow !


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