Thursday, May 1, 2014

{ crochet } spring wreath

It was a long, cold, snowy winter.  You would think after living in New England for my entire life I would be used to this by now.  But somehow this one seemed worse than the typical New England winter, and by the time we were well into April, I realized we still had our winter wreath on our front door.

I had to remedy that problem, and quick!  The faster I could kick winter out the door (or at least off the door) the better.
Hello happy little spring wreath jazzed up with an Instagram filter and the Rhonna Designs app.  "Little" being the operative word here.  The styrofoam wreath I had on hand was a mere 10" and the finished wreath looked tiny on my door.
But rather than do the whole thing over, I lazed out wrapped a 12 form in the same green yarn and tied the small, embellished one to the larger one.
I adorned the yarn-wrapped wreath with crocheted flowers and pompoms.

 Pattern links:
large pink rose: Hille Knits
blue flower: Attic 24
(I'm pretty sure this is the pattern I followed, but somehow I ended up with 8 petals, not 7. . . hmmm.  Oh, and I only did the first two layers.)
coral flower: Mollie Makes
(Again, just the first layer of the flower.  And I crocheted a separate simple circle piece to dress up the center: 8sc in magic loop, then 2sc in each st around for a total of 16 stitches)
small rosebuds: Moogly
(I began with a ch18, rather than ch24)

The pom poms were made with the 1" and ¾" Clover Pom-Pom makers.

Happy Spring!


  1. Wowwww that's so beautiful and lovely ! just LOVE this !! You are fantastic to choose the perfect colors and style of flowers ! ;-)

  2. Thank you for posting the free wreath pattern! It is fabulous:) I have included it on my blog Karla's Making It (linking to your pattern, of course)! You can view it here


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