Wednesday, April 30, 2014

{ crochet } leafy twig

Yesterday, while stumbling around on Pinterest, I came across Mamachee's blog (how cute is she?!), and specifically this post where she clothes a naked branch with the cutest little crochet leaves ever.
So of course I had to whip some up.

They come together incredibly quickly, so I made a rainbow of them.
 I used DK weight yarn and an E hook.  I especially love her technique of slipstitching up the center of the leaf to create the "vein."  

My tip: don't fasten off first, just slip stitch to the first sc and begin slip stitching up the center to the picot stitch.  Also when I crocheted up the other side of the foundation chain, I crocheted over my tail--one less end to weave in makes me happy!
 I glued them to the ends of a fallen twig from the backyard with the teensiest drop of hot glue.  
And now this happy little branch adorns our kitchen windowsill and makes doing dishes a little more appealing (just a little).

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